• We have too many accounts on the internet, keeping track of accounts becomes difficult
  • Having many accounts brings…



Cyber Security 101: Do you have inventory of all computers, printers, scanners, other devices, and application you have?

Why is this important?


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Active Threats

  • “Payment card data from customers of Greenworks hardware tools website is currently being stolen by hackers via a malicious script with self-cloaking capabilities and anti-tampering protection. Greenworks distributes home and garden battery-powered tools for DIY consumers. Its business started in 2007 and grew to expand in North America and Europe.”…

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Active Threats

  • “In a new report shared with The Hacker News, cybersecurity firm RiskIQ said it identified three compromised websites belonging to Endeavor Business Media last month that are still hosting JavaScript skimming code — a classic tactic embraced by Magecart, a consortium of different hacker groups who target online shopping cart…
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  • “Google is indexing the phone numbers of WhatsApp users that could be abused by threat actors for malicious activities. Even if Google Search only revealed the phone numbers and not the identities of associated users, ill-intentioned attackers could be able to see users’ profile pictures on WhatsApp and performing a…

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